A Celebration of International Friendship

Internal Friendship

The historic 1565 Blood Compact was of great
significance to the province such that it figures
prominently in the official seal of the Province of Bohol
and the City of Tagbilaran.

In 1953, President Elpidio Quirino established the Order
of Sikatuna through Executive Order No. 571 conferred
upon “individuals who have rendered exceptional and
meritorious services to the Republic of the Philippines,
upon diplomats, officials, and of foreign states who
have rendered conspicuous services in fostering,
developing and strengthening relations between their
countries and the Philippines.”

In the 1982 memorial of the historical event in Bohol,
no less than then Foreign Minister Carlos P. Romulo was
the guest of honor and during the occasion, he paid
glowing tribute to Datu Sikatuna whom he called as the
Philippine’s foremost diplomat. He cited the Blood
Compact as the humble beginnings of the United
Nations of which Romulo was the fourth president of
the UN General Assembly and twice president of the UN
Security Council. He stated: “Three centuries ago the
seed of the United Nations was planted here when
Sikatuna had the foresight, the vision and the courage to
forge the first international treaty of friendship of this
country in a manner unequalled in the history of the