Miss Bohol 2016

The Candidates for Miss Bohol Sandugo 2016

Miss Bohol 2016 Candidate No. 12 Glyssa Perez (Danao)

A big congratulatory shout-out to Glyssa Perez of Danao for being crowned Miss Bohol 2016! This is such a big achievement to the former Miss Philippines Australia who wants to solidify her roots in the country by passing through the regional pageant circuit first. Shall we see her in bigger competitions come 2017? I don’t see why not.

Anyways, kudos as well to Glyssa’s runners-up, as follows:

1st Runner-Up: Candidate No. 15 (Tagbilaran)

2nd Runner-up: Candidate No. 2 (Jagna)

3rd Runner-up: Candidate No. 10 (Tubigon)

4th Runner-up: Candidate No. 9 (Talibon)


Through the years, the Miss Bohol Pageant has maintained its reputation as the Province’s most prestigious beauty pageant. However, the competition needs to reinvent itself in order to keep up with the times.

Aside from the Quintessential character of the Boholana beauty, the Miss Bohol must also be the epitome of a modern Boholana; one who possesses wit and intelligence; one who portrays conscientiousness and mindfulness; she is confident, charming and career- oriented.

She is in an exclusive and privileged position to use her popularity for a good cause by standing out as a spokesperson for various activities, projects and advocacies. These activities may be related to Education, Environment, Equality, Cultural Heritage, Women/ Children’s Health, Poverty, and Livelihood.

She will play that essential role as a positive catalyst for her peers in our Community, the City of Tagbilaran, and the entire Province of Bohol.

Voting for the Social Media award

To vote for your favorite candidate to get the “Darling of the Social Media” award, please click on their photo and share, recommend or tweet her official web page on the www.boholsandugofestival.com website.  The total number of shares on Google+ and Facebook will be tallied at 12:00 noon on July 17, 2015. 

The Social Media award will be based on the most number of Shares of the candidate’s official web page on Google+ and Facebook using the share  buttons below the page. Note that the number of shares is counted and not the likes.  Share the candidate’s page using the share buttons below her picture if you want to help your favorite candidate win the Social Media award.